Wonder how did ET arrive at value of industry at ‘Rs. 1K Cr FY15, from Rs, 200 Cr a few years back’! The life coaching community is scattered & fragmented. Hence, difficult to compile the figure accurately!
Let us not reduce Lie Coaching to a mere “business”. It is far deeper and holistic to be compared to a business. If we look at as yet another business or training, the intervention ceases to be “Life Coaching”.
I am ‘scared’ of being in a profession, which is ‘becoming a rage in India’!! I would prefer to be in something, which is less swanky!
Yes, Life Coaching helps the coachees to achieve their objectives, holistically. Also, virtually anyone can become a coach, irrespective of background, gender, experience, location, etc. It is important the coaches go through the rigorous process of

  • Learning (credentialing/certification): as the coach will touch the life of the coaches, at all levels
  • Unlearning: not to confuse with directing, mentoring, managing, consulting, training, etc.

Just as coaching borrows heavily from areas as diverse as psychology to spirituality, exposure to areas such as NLP will help immensely. It cannot be one more certification, as we do in corporate or academic world. But, something to which we can connect to and help us in coaching.
Life Coaching then becomes a blissful journey!
Life coaching business to cross Rs 1,000 crore mark in FY15 – Economic Times

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