Inspiring lessons from an army veteran-turned Leadership Consultant/Coach:
An interesting perspective on Work-Life Balance. This is one thing that deserves lot of positive focus, but not negative obsession.
It is also our perception of ‘work’! When work is a way of life and very internal, it is already in balance. Ask an entrepreneur!
Finding battle rhythm may be a lot more appropriate. She suggests ”that could be as simple as going for a 30-minute run or taking a few minutes each morning for quiet reflective time”.
Lead with emotions (not emotionally lead), coming from an army general is a powerful reminder.
Through active, empathetic listening.
When you are confused, speak up: This is useful even when not confused. Coaching approach to leadership takes the leader to reach out, communicate. Being vulnerable and not hesitating to exhibit it may not be recommended in army. But surely works elsewhere.
Honesty always pays in the long run (Just received a quote on What’sApp: If you are honest, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway – Mother Teresa. Loved the timing & ‘coincidence’)
Let ‘s take care of mind, body & spirit!

Lessons From Leading 20,000 Soldiers In Iraq To Coaching Corporate America | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

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