Mentors are valuable assets and choosing the right mentor coach can be critical to your success. Personal and professional growth, greater confidence, profitability, more time, less stress, understanding your strengths, weaknesses etc are some of the benefits that you can achieve with the right mentoring. A mentor coach can give you support and inspirations to help shape your decisions and reach your goal.

But before taking a plunge into a coaching relationship, it’s important to gain clarity about exactly what type of problem you are facing, is it related to your life, business, career…

Ask yourself these questions…

  • What goals do I want to achieve with the help of a mentor coach?
  • Where am I now regarding the goal?
  • Why do I believe a mentor coach will help me get there?
  • Am I ready to put in the work needed to achieve my goals?

If you are looking for a coach who can magically make your problems disappear and make you successful then you are not going to find the right mentor coach ever. You have to take responsibility and do all the work.

A mentor coach will listen to you without any judgements, ask powerful questions and thus offer a fresh outlook to help you gain clarity. He/She will motivate you to take action and help you to keep going, will not let you get away with excuses and inactiveness but will hold you accountable and challenge you beyond your comfort zone. Also will partner with you in the process of achieving your professional or personal goal. Be ready for a long haul as changes don’t happen overnight. Are you ready for that?

So when it comes to the process of choosing a mentor coach below mentioned are the few points that you should remember.

It’s important to consider what credentials the potential mentor coach has that are relevant to mentoring someone like you. You should also check if they are proficient in all competencies and have the proper knowledge and skills to understand your situation. Since coaching is not regulated, anyone can claim to be a qualified coach even without any professional training and certification.

If you are going through the process of finding a mentor coach, evaluating the potential mentor coach’s career is a good starting point. Inquire as to whether they have accomplished the equivalent of comparative outcomes that you wish to accomplish.

An outstanding coach is someone who is best in his / her field, can set an example hence provides true inspiration to others. Check if this coach has the life that you want, like the lifestyle, mindset, health, family, money etc. Confirm they walk their talk and their experience aligns with your goals.

References and Testimonials
Coaches use a variety of tools and styles which may or may not suit you. Hence it’s worth confirming this by talking to the mentor coach’s previous clients.
Ask the mentor coach for references and do your due diligence. Most coaches would be happy to provide some reference for you to speak to. Make note of the testimonials, experiences and results of the clients.

A great coach-client relationship is built on trust. It is always good to have a demo or discovery coaching session with a prospective mentor coach and pay attention to your feelings during the session. See if you are comfortable enough to discuss your vulnerability with this mentor coach. Did this mentor coach challenge you, did he/ she ask the right questions to help you? Better still, as they explore with questions and actively listen, can they emote feelings you weren’t even aware you had? Rapport is critically important hence find someone you can relate to.

Don’t go for a mentor coach who will not speak to you personally before committing, as there is no other way to determine your compatibility.

Moral values and ethics
Find someone who shares your moral values and ethics. Your prospective mentor coach may be successful but may not share similar moral values and ethics as you. Check if your values and ethics align, otherwise it may cause you a lot of stress and probably not achieve the outcome that you desire from the coaching relationship.

It is important when choosing a mentor coach to make sure the person has the time, interest and availability to devote to the mentoring relationship. Accessibility is an important element of mentoring. So look for someone who is willing to make time for you. Look for a mentor coach who is flexible in their availability hence is always there for you.

Coaching Structure
Find out the way the mentor coach is proposing to deliver the coaching service. Is it via video calls, in person or by telephone calls? and is there flexibility in terms of your preferences? How are the coaching sessions priced? Getting an answer to all this is important as it will have an impact on deciding whether the prospective mentor coach is right for you.

Hire a mentor coach who is a lifelong learner and is someone who continuously levels up their expertise.

But more than anything else, it’s very important that you are happy, healthy and mindful or you will not be able to grow to your full potential. Keeping this in mind it’s worth exploring the goals with a mentor coach who will support and inspire you to achieve your goals

Are you ready to unlock your potential with the help of a mentor coach? Want to feel more empowered and live the best life that you always dreamed of but not sure where to start.?
You can find ICF credentialed mentor coaches, coaches and mentors at www.regalunlimited.com – All aligned with the #ICFway.

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