We are thrilled that Subash CV – Founder of Regal Unlimited, Master Coach, and Trainer, was selected as #ICFCoachoftheWeek.

ICF, or the International Coaching Foundation, is a premier global coaching and coach training institution. It is considered the gold standard in coaching. ICF selectively honors coaches who add excellence & value to the ICF coaching profession & community by recognizing them as the #ICF Coach of the Week. In 2018, ICF bestowed this honor on Subash.

Let us get better acquainted with Subash through this narrative! Knowing the coach mentor with whom you will be choosing to undertake ICF Coaching Certification for 6+ months is critical.

The Journey to Mastery in ICF Coaching

Banking veteran to being lauded as #ICFCoachoftheWeek: Subash has come a long way from securing the fortunes of individuals & establishments to securing the futures of leaders & organizations through ICF coaching.

 Subash’s introduction to ICF coaching happened by accident. Or was it ordained? Subash now believes that coaching ‘comes’ to you when you start vibrating at a certain level of consciousness. So it’s never an accident!

How it began

After 21 years as a corporate executive in the banking sector, Subash decided to take the path less trodden and become an entrepreneur. As a first step, he enrolled in the executive education program at INSEAD, one of the top B schools in the world.

And that’s where Subash discovered coaching; ICF coaching, to be more accurate. He found this process a transformational experience and intuitively knew that coaching would be his passion, purpose, and profession. It was love at first sight, or shall we say  ‘first session’?

Why ICF Coaching?

Subash feels blessed to witness the unfolding and awakening of human potential. The thrill & joy he receives from beholding transformational shifts in the clients he serves is immeasurable.

“Coaching gives me a life filled with purpose,”  reveals Subash. Additionally, as a person comfortable working behind the scenes, a coach’s subtle, silent, yet catalytic role suits Subash to the T.

Becoming a Coachpreneur

Post INSEAD, Subash chose to become an ICF-credentialed  Professional Certified Coach (PCC). With this ICF certification, he set up his own coaching practice. The support Subash received as an INSEAD alumnus and his experience coaching fellow INSEADites helped him build his coaching resume and confidence as an ICF coach. They were critical in his coaching journey.

Quest for mastery

Subash began his arduous quest for the coveted ICF certification, the Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential, in 2014. Becoming an MCC took five years, sincere, deep work, and the committed effort of clocking over 4000 coaching hours.

ICF Coaching and coach training

Subash has impacted the lives of more than 1,000 senior leaders in his ten years of coaching. The ICF coach training program he conducts has enabled over 350 coaches to receive their ICF certifications over the last eight years.

Why become an ICF coach?

Having experienced ICF coaching as a client and then as a coach, Subash believes it is one of the most robust and reliable coaching interventions. The scientific ICF coaching competencies and research-backed ICF coaching process, all supported by the ICF code of ethics, ensure authentic, results-based coaching.

Subash’s reaction to being honored as the ICF Coach of the Week encapsulates the quality & spirit of the quintessential ICF coach.

‘To those whom much is given, much is expected.’ That is what this nomination means to me. Grateful.

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