14 % of staff in some of teams, has no big degrees.
Degree is important, but it does not give an automatic advantage, as it happens elsewhere. What matters is not grades or what we learnt. But

  • general cognitive ability
  • leadership
  • intellectual Humility
  • ownership
  • ability to innovate in teams & soft skills

Not a bad idea now to do some introspection/self analysis and may be a Strength-Finder or 360 degree feedback?

It is never too late to work with Google! It is never too late to change (‘paribortan’), I am (not just trying), but actually doing it!

Master’s Voice: ‘Education is for Life, not for Living’ is so true here.

Check out the link to OP-ED by Thomas L. Friedman How to Get a Job at Google – NYTimes.com

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