We have been ‘hit’ by some of biggest brands recently – VW Diesel engine, Nestle Maggi, Takata airbag, or Hindustan Unilever’s ‘Kodaicanal Won’t’!

Very often business leaders look at short term gains over long term, sustainable, profitable existence. Often ethics is reduced to compliance. For example, VW & Shell blocking electric cars (The Guardian)… Transition, transformation got to be at culture-level. What is in VW culture that from Diesel engine to blocking electric cars…? (Some of VW brands still some of my fav cars)

– ‘consequences of a singular focus on ethics-as-compliance is a checkbox mentality that gives the illusion of reducing risk without really doing so’

– ‘a compliance-focused approach to eliminating unethical behavior can stunt a company’s efforts to innovate and to take intelligent risks’ The future of leadership in a VUCA world is strongly interlinked to ethics, at a holistic level!

– ‘Value statement’ is a passé.

What is the solution?

-‘corporate leaders should instead foster a series of structured conversations between leaders at all levels and their teams’

The leadership has to evolve to #CoachingConversations. Leadership has to evolve from Supervising, Managing, Guiding, Telling, etc to #LeadershipCoaching.

International Coach Federation (ICF) lays lot of stess on Ethics, as a strong foundation for coaching. Other key competencies include trust, agreement, active listening, powerful questioning, et al. Crucial conversations are an integral part of coach-training for ICF certification. The whole focus is on co-creation.

This framework/process will equip the leader to shift to a style based on coaching. It is a very powerful tool!

Get managers & leaders to pick up the nuances of coaching. It could work magic in corporates

Even before Plato, we were advised to go from “#I2We2He”, ‘He’ being the community & beyond!


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