Master’s Words: Sharing this beautiful thought, which kind of hit me with blissful awareness…
“Often we aware that there is something behind and beyond all the fleeting fantasy; something that persists through all the successes and defeats, the tears and smiles, the mirth and moan – but we are unable to grasp it and realize that it is the same Entity that underlies the entire Universe.

We are indeed one with the most distant star and the least little blade of grass – we shine as dew on the petal of the rose, we are part and parcel of all this manifestation!

The scriptures teach us this truth through many a parable, and even directly through the experience of saints and mystics.

Through meditation and practice of spiritual discipline, we can be aware of yourselves as all this.”

  • we may say we don’t feel or are not aware. Very often we are caught up with hundred other things that we miss out this single stuff that is most important, to be aware! Is that not being mindful?
  • if we are not yet able to feel it, it can be done by meditation & spiritual discipline, says the Master.
  • to meditate with discipline, same time/same /every day, is a discipline I often struggle to stick to, in spite of the ‘intent’ !
  • spiritual discipline, are synonymous too. Being spiritual, is disciplined within, without external stimulus. When we are disciplined holistically, that is living spiritual!

Not playing with words. But delighted to think and be aware spirituality is so easy & simple. For it is all based on love, which is ultimate spirituality!!

happy thanksgiving!

PS: Hope you noticed the subtle difference in the font-type, for quote and my comment:)

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