Master’s Voice: (second post starting with Master’s Voice. Blame it on Thanksgiving… just gratitude!)

Start the day with love,
Fill the day with love,
End the day with love,
That is sure way to bliss/God/self-realization….


‘Start the day with media
Fill the day with media
End the day with media…
That is the surest way to devil/hell…

Media includes, TV, Facebook, Twitter, Fourth Estate, et al. Our individual level of addiction differs from person to person.

So what is your media-addiction? Media-type & depth?!

Today, I knocked off all my ‘following’ which were media-related on twitter & FB (management/wellness being exempt). 25 % knocked off from both my twitter accounts. Much more in FB. Media houses, reporters/editors, etc., are no longer going to get my attention! They were only giving negativity or hyped ‘news’, consistently…

If the newspaper boy does not deliver your newspapers early morning, don’t complain. Be grateful… Newspaper/news on TV or internet or FM is surely not the best way to start a day. FM is just negative energy.

Is it worth it ?

Often we know what is good and what is not. But we just don’t take the necessary step.

Would like to hear comments… Have a blissful week-end!

UberFacts ‏@UberFacts15m
Twitter users tend to have shorter relationships than those who don’t tweet.

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