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Indeed, unless the coachee is ready to commit himself to the coaching intervention, the effort will have no effect. Also, ‘when a person acts in response to extrinsic motivators — the promise of money; the threat of punishment — commitment to a behavior is short-lived’.

Any coaching initiative, as such should not be transactional, in terms of expected outcome. It could be short-term solution to an urgent problem or opportunity, but the larger purpose of the coaching engagement should be, not transactional, but transformational.

  • Ask yourself, “Cui bono?” (“as a benefit to whom?”). Even if we make conscious effort to remember this mantra, our mind/ego will take control and we will forget this, when most needed. Another modification to ‘cui bono’ could be, ‘what is for the highest good, for me & others”. That goes beyond our petty ego and artificial, self-imposed restrictions.
  • A Cheerleader coach is an oxymoron. Period!
  • Participation Vs. Commitment – we could be mere spectators, or passive on field or active, committed. It is our individual choice. The more active & committed we are, the coachee is ready and the outcome will surprise the coachee & the coach. For the purpose is highest good, holistically!

Check out the article:
Get the Most Out of Executive Coaching – Steven Berglas – Harvard Business Review

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