When the struggling professional golfer Rannulph Junnuh meets Bagger Vance, the mysterious caddie, what takes place is nothing short of magic. In the movie, The Legend of Bagger Vance, Vance helps Junnuh find and perfect his golf swing, and in the process, also shows him how to excel in life. There is an inner Junnuh in all of us and we all need a friendly nudge from a professional coach every once in a while. 

Everyone needs a coach,” said Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, in his viral 2013 TED talk. Some of the biggest names in the fields of business, sports, politics, you-name-it, have had coaches who partnered with them and led them to greater success. 

Why do we need a leadership coach?

Coming to the corporate world, all leaders need leadership coaching at some point in their career as they can ‘ lose their swing’ with time. When you are multitasking corporate leaders, managing businesses and people, it is only natural to find yourself off the mark sometimes. ‘Losing the swing’ could be on your professional or even the personal front, and at times, both. What happens when you lose your swing? You feel like you have either hit a brick wall in your career or simply lost the drive that fuelled your growth so far.

“I am not getting a promotion. My career has reached a slump.”
“My boss is not supportive, and this is affecting my performance and career growth”
“I have to travel a lot for my work. This has affected my health and personal relationships.”
“There’s no opportunity for growth in my current job. I want to look for newer, exciting opportunities.”

Take the story of Vinayak Solanki for illustration.

As a high-flying Sales Head at a leading MNC, Vinayak had a career trajectory that most would envy, until he was passed over for promotion. Soon enough, Vinayak’s performance began to dip and he ‘lost his swing’. His company tried to support him through his lean period, but to no avail. There seemed to be no way to resuscitate the Vinayak who was a happy, confident go-getter. Until they found a way – leadership coaching!  

What are the benefits of leadership coaching?

5 reasons why corporate leaders need leadership coaching and how they can benefit from leadership coaching

1. Alignment with purpose, goal-setting, accountability partner

The best leadership coaches enable you to discover and align yourselves to the true purpose of your life and set goals accordingly. Furthermore, they walk your journey as your accountability partner. 

In Vinayak’s case, his life’s purpose revealed itself after a couple of sessions of soul-searching triggered by the probing questions of his coach. With this clarity and some guided self-analysis, Vinayak was soon able to formulate a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound) goal to tackle his professional setback. Their goal – become a senior-level executive in their current company within the next five years. With this mandate, Vinayak and his coach co-created a plan of action that exercised and highlighted his strengths and core competencies. As Vinayak’s accountability partner, his coach ensured that Vinayak stayed on track and ticked off the boxes one by one.

2. Acts as a mirror

A leader can grow professionally only if the loop of decision-making is completed with honest, impartial feedback. Leaders find it difficult to get such feedback from colleagues and subordinates. A leadership coach’s objective is client wellness and success. They are, therefore, the best at being the much-needed mirror that calls a spade a spade.

3. Find root causes of issues through self-awareness and improve EQ

Leadership coaches focus on the causes of issues rather than the symptoms, allowing for a problem to be solved holistically. They do this by empowering clients to identify strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots and work on them. Vinayak’s anger issues had damaged his relationships at home and office. Working with his coach, Vinayak delved deeper into the issue and discovered that the real culprit was not anger, as he naturally assumed, but his habit of drinking excessively, which made him display anger destructively. This awareness prompted Vinayak to voluntarily give up the bottle, a tough feat that he eventually accomplished, with his coach by his side. , Vinayak’s self-confidence got a boost with this achievement.

4. Achieve work-life integration

A leadership coach propels clients to excel on the professional and personal front in a perfectly balanced manner. Vinayak’s long hours at the office left little time to spend with family. He and his coach brainstormed and came up with ways to streamline his work such that he could do justice to both office and home. No more missed family time, birthdays, or anniversaries!

They also fixed the constant ‘costume shifting’ that used to tire out Vinayak emotionally. As a result, he became comfortable being himself at work and home.

5. Safe space

Being a leader in the corporate world is challenging work as one cannot afford to make mistakes. It is a tightrope walk to navigate judgmental peers and adversaries. A leadership coach provides the much-needed safe space where a leader can find unconditional acceptance and unequivocal support. Here one can share thoughts without reservations. Vinayak could be his true self with his coach. He could bounce off ideas and express his thoughts freely. Vinayak admits that this safe space is what really helped him most to sail through the difficult period. 

Vinayak Solanki’s company had partnered with Regal Unlimited. Vinayak benefitted immensely from its leadership coaching program.  Over six months, Vinayak quit drinking, his relationship with his family improved and he was able to take the lost promotion opportunity in his stride. The coaching programme widened his perspectives and broadened his horizons, opening him to new possibilities and opportunities for personal and professional growth. It helped him unlock his full potential. He put in his best at work, and this was reflected in his performance. We asked Vinayak what was the best benefit of having a leadership coach. He said, “A leadership coach is your cheerleader, sounding board, friend, guide, and philosopher, all rolled in one. They can play any supporting role that would help you achieve your potential.”

Having found his ‘lost swing’, Vinayak Solanki is now happy and content. He cannot thank his leadership coach enough for the turnaround in his life.

Regal Unlimited’s leadership coaches are the best. Here’s why.

At Regal Unlimited, we understand the changing dynamics of modern-day corporate lives, and our coaching sessions are tailored to suit your exact requirement. Here’s a quick overview of why and how leadership coaches from Regal Unlimited make for your best bet. Apart from being ICF approved (the gold standard in coaching), our coaches are

  • Relatable. We have the best leadership coaches whose experience as corporate leaders makes it easier for them to step in your shoes and understand your issues.
  • Execution. Their stint in the corporate gives them a unique perspective on execution that would help hone their strategic decision-making skills.
  • Goodness first. Our leadership coaches nurture altruism and empower clients to work in harmony with the greater common good.
  • All-round development. Our leadership coaching program focuses on your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness to help unlock your full potential.
  • Leadership – tailor-made. Our leadership coaches have a customized approach to achieving client wellness. 

The benefits of leadership coaching by Regal Unlimited are incalculable as can be seen from the case of Vinayak Solanki.

Bagger Vance says in the movie, “Inside each and every one of us is one true authentic swing. Over time the world can rob us of that swing. It gets buried inside us under all our wouldas and couldas and shouldas… Some folk even forget what their swing was like…”

“The trick is to find your swing…”

 At Regal Unlimited, we help you find and perfect your swing. 

 Choose the best for yourself. Choose Regal Unlimited. 

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