Executive coaching tries to address and remedy the gaps in traditional executive development, according to executive coaching expert Alan Weinstein.
He lists out three important gaps that needs to be explored by an executive coach as part of coaching intervention:

  • Control
  • Delegation
  • Communication

Control is one of the key problems with us. Our inability to ‘let go…’ Ability to let go can be a big relief and freedom. It is linked to our delegation skills. Yes, it is not easy for many to delegate. Some of the best managers are excellent at delegation. Some of the worst managers pull along by just good delegation, backed up with smart communication, of course.

Communication is necessary for one and all. Esp when you go up the corporate ladder. Communication is one leadership skill that can actually set you apart.

No short cuts to learn these important skills, but surely worth the effort. More than mere professional success, these will help in holistic living.. which is the goal of executive coaching.

Executive Coaching Expert Alan Weinstein: Three Biggest Executive Problems that Require Coaching — BUFFALO, N.Y., Nov. 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ —

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