“CEO – Journey” is the key. It is often a fight between journey Vs destination.

For most of us, knowingly or unknowingly, it is destination. To ‘become’ CEO and that is like scaling the summit.

  • What next, after you scale the summit? Come down from the summit. (it is a common ‘belief’, all that goes up has to necessarily come down. Not at all)
  • When the focus is on destination, more/bigger/better/higher, the joy of the moment is lost. The beauty of the journey is lost. This is common sense. Often uncommon in this context, just as it is in many other areas of our lives?
  • Corporate executives often conquer the peak at the cost of a few other things: family, health, other relationships, hobby, and sadly at times, life purpose.

By the time these dawn on the leader, it is often a bit too lateIs it worth it? Hence the need for an executive coach. Someone who has no stake in you, no performance pressure. Is trained to listen, be non-judgemental, be totally client-centric. These jargon may be familiar. It has to be experienced through a session with a trained, certified, experienced and ICF/EMCC credentialed Coach. This is not for just corporate leaders at big organizations, but also for small, MSME or start-ups. After all,

Everyone needs a coach(check this video)


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