Executive Coaching

The coaching process seeks to empower the individual or group that is being coached. The coach acts as a sounding board, teller of the truth, advocate, cheerleader, and accountability partner. The coaching process is goal-oriented.

However, the coach will not prescribe exactly how to achieve a goal. Deciding on the specific steps to be taken is the prerogative of the individual or group that is being coached.

Since the coach and client collaborate goals and plans on, the entire coaching process gives the individual or group a sense of empowerment.

Executive Coaching helps individuals and organizations to:
  • Discover within themselves the answers to specific issues that they are facing
  • Gain clarity about the value systems they engage with
  • Create a plan along with the coach to achieve identified goals
  • Discuss new ideas with an objective sounding board
  • Make life-changing decisions with support from a qualified coach
  • Overcome perceived limitations and reach new levels of achievement

Specific coaching tools such as, Visualization, Perceptual Positioning, and The Wheel, ‘Great to GOOD’ © will be used.

Professional secrecy is fundamental to the coaching process. Clients work on the overall outcome and also have the option to discuss the specific outcome needed from each session. Coaching is not mentoring, consulting, counseling, therapy or a spiritual practice.

The success of a coaching engagement depends on the commitment, dedication, discipline, and focus that the client gives to the coaching initiative.Studies by leading researchers have shown that the top three reasons why executive coaches are engaged are to:

  • Develop high potential and facilitate transition
  • Address derailing behavior
  • Act as a sounding board for new ideas and plans

Coaching has provided huge positive impact in terms of quality, productivity, organizational strength, customer service, and shareholder value. When an entire team at an organization is trained, the outcomes are:

  • Synergy across the team
  • Enhanced individual effectiveness
  • Improved team performance

These outcomes are the reason why we at Regal Unlimited have termed our coaching to be an intervention that yields assured ROI of Enchantment.

A coaching engagement would have a minimum of six to nine coaching sessions. The first session of 30 to 45 minutes is complementary. The session will enable coach and client to understand each other and define the expected outcome from the engagement.

At the end of the first session, the coach would evaluate the expressed goals of the client and decide whether to move ahead or not.
During the Subsequent Sessions, the R-E-G-A-L Coaching Model is the mainstay of the coaching process. Basic psychometric tools are used on a need basis, such as a strength-finder.

  • Stage 1: Reality Check, Resistance, Reading, Recognize Current Status
  • Stage 2: Enquire/Explore/Envision
  • Stage 3: Goal Setting/Gear Up/Go Ahead
  • Stage 4: Action
  • Stage 5: Light/Letting Go/Live it

Coaching is an ongoing partnership that supports individuals so that their professional and personal lives become positively transformed.
This results in the following advantages:

  • Professional lives take on a new quality. They are characterized by the achievement of specific goals and better performance.
  • Personal lives celebrate relationships and are lived so that an individual’s life goals are realized.
General Purpose TrainingCoaching at Regal
Views an individual in their professional role alone.Takes a holistic view of an individual as both a professional and an individual with a personal life.
Seeks to improve functional skills and behavioral skillsSeeks to enhance how an individual approaches each task and situation to the best of their ability.

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Customers Speak

“My professional journey along with Subash as a coach, started in April 2013. Since then, he has been a great anchor to me at a personal level. He has empowered me with simple easy to use tools, which has had great impact while sailing the high tides of the profession. He also helped me to see perspective, which otherwise would have been limited by the typical “spotlight”. I wish him the best in his endeavors.”

– Jubilant Cement,

Country Manager – MEA , DLW Flooring GmbH

” A lot of focus on VUCA, work-life integration, adult learning, 70:20:10 approach, IQ+EQ, I 2 We/teamwork, Leader as a Coach, … all in a way that was very empowering. We have more than achieved the stated goals of the engagement. It also left most of us with better self-awareness and thus power. The intervention was very different from everything else we had experienced before.”

– Leading bank in the Middle East

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