You would have received this mailer from LinkedIn. Love the campaign, kudos to Linkedin.

1. Be Grateful: Made me pause & think of all those mentors, over last 25 years, who have helped me grow. As I continue to learn & grow, I would be more mindful of their contribution. Being grateful, is therapeutic, helps us to move from “IQ” to “EQ” or even “SQ”.

These are not mere (internal) mentors and bosses at work. But everyone with whom you would have interacted, across the levels. How receptive, willing & humble I am, is all that matters.

Bad bosses at work are also serving some purpose. That experience is helping us grow, at the core-level. So, we got to be more grateful to them.

2. Be a Mentor: How better it would be to be a mentor. Move from a mere boss/manager/leader to Mentor-Coach/Leader-Coach? In all the roles, at work & beyond. We can genuinely touch lives of our team members and also external stakeholders.

What is your personal legacy-goal, at a selfless level? Look at the legacy of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and Dr Wayne Dyer. Be inspired!

Becoming a coach has been a huge self-transformational journey for most of us. Choose Bliss!

Become a Mentor-Coach/Leader-Coach. Learn art of science of coaching with us at Regal Unlimited

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