Taught CRM today, as part of my visiting faculty assignment. 

There are two types of organizations:

  • Customer centric
  • Non customer centric

Examples galore, in both categories. 

What shocks me is even some of big brands are not customer-driven. They have very good sales management process. But customer service, pre-sales & post-sales is pathetic.

Some brands more to not being customer-centric when add new features/products/add-ons. Having created sufficient pull for the main-brand, they perhaps feel they can take customer for granted, when it comes to specific features/products. Over a period of time, those customers would drift away, however powerful the pull towards the main-brand is. For example a top social media is very popular. But their business feature is ordinary in terms of customer service. 

In todays’ well-connected world, customers will drift away even if they do not have alternatives. 

The future belongs to category-1, those who care for customer and customer service is in corporate DNA.

CRM is a state of mind, not just a tool or practice. This may sound obvious & common sense. But when it comes customer service, common sense is quite uncommon! 

I also call it #KarmaOfCustomerService

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