Political Leadership: An interesting discussion on The Print by Mr Shekhar Gupta on high command politics, which thrives on ‘good’, old command & control leadership. That style belonged to an earlier era. 

Interestingly the concept of leadership has evolved from the old leadership styles borrowed from the military to the industrial revolution. The consciousness is ready for more decentralized, empowering leadership. The political parties who truly adopt these will have an advantage over others in the near future.

Factories and the military are discovering the power of more empowering leadership. Can politics lag behind? Afterall we can not solve the new problems from the same consciousness that created it!

Leadership that is also based on emotions? There there are 6 primary styles, as Dr. Daniel Goleman reminds us in his HBR article. And not just one dominant style we tend to identify with and practice. The style that the situation and people truly demand.
Hopefully, the millennials and gen Z will lead the transition to political leadership that is based on #IQ2EQ2SQ. SQ being spiritual quotient based on spirituality, not religion. Nor politics based on caste/creed/religions/language.
2. Sports: Interestingly Mr. Shekhar moved the discussion to the Olympics too.
– What made1960’s the golden era for our track and field?
– What did we lose thereafter?
The modern concepts of leadership originated from politics, apart from the military. But then,
The future of leadership is coaching. And the consciousness is ready.
That is the leadership style future generations will accept, across geographies, areas of work.  And it borrows heavily from sports, professional and amateur. Coaching also borrows some of the best practices from psychology, management, to philosophy, spirituality, and therapy. Hence the preference for leadership based on coaching, in all areas.
1. Are our corporate and business leaders ready? They will get to play less politics too 🙂
2. How long will the political leaders ignore the writing on the wall?
3. Will the academics, services industry embrace this style of leadership?
4. If empathy is not part of your leadership, you are not leading. 
The good news is coaching as a leadership skill can be learned. And we, at Regal Unlimited can help.
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