More from my #RegalJournal. This happened during the release of ‘Kabali’…2017?Had a great coaching session, with a great client:

  • Goal: A client asked me how can I be the superstar of my space. Not necessary like a filmi superstar.
  • Reality/Explore: His perception of himself/self-image, others’ opinion was ‘not even a supporting star’!
  • Options: He was interested in identifying key things to help him reach the space of a SuperStar. Deeper exploration revealed underlying self-beliefs, values, and baggage.
  • Way Forward/Actions: He came up with few things to do & be (aligned with International Coach Federation coaching competencies, 9, 10 & 11 – my fav).
  • LIGHT: His AHA-Moment was when he recognized “I am a Superstar. I just got to remind myself, be aware & live with that energy, consciousness.” From a position of weakness, to a position of selfless power, Divine Energy.

R_E_G_A_L is our #CoachingModel. REGA is aligned with the popular GROW model. ‘L’ is unique to what we do at Regal Unlimited

Be a Real SuperStar (minus ego).
Choose Bliss.

#HireACoach #RegalCoach…/

This article in The Hindu reminded me… Glad to share:
“Hum jahan khade ho jaate hai, line wahi se shuru hoti hai.” (Where I stand is where the line begins.) Read: “Hum jis umar ke hai, prime wahi se shuru hoti hai.” (The age I am is where my prime begins.)

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