What is the best way to start a day?

One question I often get from my old friends/former colleagues is, ‘what keeps you going in the new role?’ The primary motivation is I am able to touch the core of a person through coaching/mentoring/consulting/healing.

The real joy is when the coachee/client

  • makes the shift,
  • is aware, acknowledges the shift, and
  • is in bliss, courtesy the shift.

The entire ‘shift’ is a very personal journey for the coachee.

I love it when I get calls early in the morning. It happened last week, CoachSutra#1:https://medium.com/@subash.cv/a-coachs-role-c8a9650a12d

This morning too… I started my ‘work’ with a call from a friend/coachee. He shared a quick update on career. He has ‘finally officially moved out of a role, and will soon take up an exciting assignment, after a short break

The bliss is mutual!

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