Regal Coach Certification (#RCC) Program for Leaders, corporate/others, entrepreneurs, professionals:

Session #2: A deep dive into ‘leader as a coach’.

We discussed, in detail

– What is coaching, what is not? How is different from therapy, mentoring.

Focus on choice, awareness. 

– What are the qualities of a coach-leader?

How do we leaders build the muscle of positivity, empowerment, balance humility with aggression/assertiveness?

– Potential benefits of the leader as a coach?

What is one toxic relationship you want to resolve now?

– International Coach Federation (ICF) Coaching competencies (CC), a helicopter view – Deep dive into listening (CC#5)

– Is Ethics (CC #1) a competency?

All with focus on #leadership at work, esp handling negative people, some of the challenges we face daily.

(and this image came to me through Whatsapp – beautiful coincidence!)

What is it magic you want to manifest as part of this journey? #ManifestMagic

It is a blessing to be a leader. It is a choice to be a leader as a #Coach. 


Coach Training for corporate leaders, professionals – #RCC Program

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