Coach Training

ICF Certification: Coacharya ACTP Program

  • Our ICF accredited ACTP Program leads to ICF Certified Coach (ACC, PCC, MCC) credential with 125-hours of classroom training with PCC coaches and mentoring with an MCC coach.
  • The Program employs its proprietary 3A Model™ and 3C Process™ based on International Coaching Federation (ICF), Board Certified Coach (BCC) and European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) competencies, GROW model, 70:20:10 leadership development paradigm and the Mindless™ approach. This helps us blend psychology, spirituality and management concepts into coach training program.
  • Our unique approach enables you to become an effective coach and also develop business acumen.

Regal Coach Certification (RCC)

Under RCC we offer range of customization to cater your specific needs. Broadly we cover the following elements:

  • Theory sessions to understand various coaching models
  • Peer-coaching practice and review
  • Assignments
  • Reading material, books and videos on coaching

Hence individuals operating in any of the following spaces will find Regal Coach Certification meaningful:

  • Business Leaders and Executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Aspiring and Practicing coaches
  • Artists and all Enthusiasts
Structured Modules
Day sessions
Hours each

Upcoming Training Programs

Coach Certification

ICF accredited Coacharya ACTP Training for ACC and PCC


  • Chennai: PCC

    Month 4

  • Chennai: ACC, PCC

    Month 2

Customers Speak

As the world, covering professional and personal environment both, is becoming more global, complex, and technologically advanced, the need for coaching is progressing rapidly.

Additionally, organizations are beginning to see the value of coaching at all levels of the management scale. Increasingly people believe that if coaching is working at the top with C-Suite, it should work in the middle, and even near the bottom. After all, leadership is a behavior not a title.

Similarly, with social fabric becoming complex and complicated more and more people are opening up to healers and life coaches too. These open up significant opportunities for coaches and no wonder coaching is becoming a favored career option too.

“Regal Unlimited” understands this reality and has been one of the early movers in offering certified leadership coaching programs. Our coach training programs include:

  • ICF Certification: Coacharya ACTP Program
  • Regal Coach Certification (RCC)

Coach Certification introduces you to the world of coaching. It introduces the process, science and art of coaching and encourages more people to choose coach-credential route thereby making the conversations outcome oriented.

Who is it relevant for:

Leaders: Coaching is an integral part of leadership behavior. As leaders one needs to continuously keep coaching teammates and associates to facilitate excellence-orientation towards common goal.ICF Certification / RCC empower leaders with a tool to influence behavior and hence outcome.

Practicing Coaches: Often compassion, ability to connect well and establish trust, enable people to act as coaches. While they may do a great job of it due to natural competencies, yet the structure that is necessary for meaningful coaching outcome, is often found missing in their approach. Coach Certification gives method to intuitive coaching.