It was during the pandemic in 2019 – 20, I was thinking of upgrading myself. There was a loud thought as to what would fit me better, being a commerce graduate and having worked with different MNCs for 10 – 11 years in varied fields, I was literally searching for that one thing that would help me become a better person and be of help to the society and the environment. All these might seem dramatic though.

How I got connected with Regal Unlimited? My husband is an ACC-certified coach and is pursuing his PCC currently. I was observing him when he was doing his coaching practice and was quite inspired and developed a liking towards it and that’s exactly why I wanted to do my ICF Coaching Certification with Regal Unlimited. The course was more inclined towards” Leaders as Coaches”. While in the process, I developed a sense of self-awareness. First and foremost was to develop the listening capability. I consciously started listening to people around me without interrupting their ideas or making any suggestions. Initially, it was a great task because I am a person who generally answers or gives suggestions based on what I hear. The challenge here was to not give any suggestion rather only listen. But consistent conscious efforts to do so will get you there.

The second learning was to make contacts/develop a network. You get to extend your network and rope in like-minded individuals. In my batch, we had people from different geographic backgrounds (India and overseas). I would say the batch was very sweet and extended all support whenever there was a requirement. The coaching practices that we made during the weekdays were amazing and that helped us move forward and understand coaching concepts better.

Coaching is more about self-realization; is what I believe strongly. It helps the coachee to analyze him/her and to self-reflect better. The job of the coach is to ask incisive questions to make the coachee self-realize. Lots of times the word “Self” was used in my sentence, which is again self-explanatory.

In the current scenario, as an individual, we tend to get carried away by the environment around us and we miss self-reflecting on ourselves frequently. Coaching is definitely a great platform to rework yourself and evolve as a better person. To me personally, this coaching journey was amazing though it was more of a crash course that I went through still it was very effective.

I would like to thank Subash and Rekha for the effort they have taken to coach the learner coaches and also my peer coaches who come forward to do the sessions.