We started the full coaching conversations with the current batch last weekend. We take some time to start the full session practice to prepare the mind to learn and internalize the ICF coaching competencies.

Two learners practiced a session as a coach and a coachee. The coachee brought up a real, personal problem that he was facing. He was brave to bring an emotional issue and open to discussing it in the breakout room, in front of others. And that is part of the evolution of the learner coach, like peeling the onion. The coach kept it simple went by the process, keeping aside the wealth of his professional and personal experience. And delivered an excellent coaching conversation. The client was delighted.

Later in the day, the coach delivered a great conversation in another breakout room, yet again. If the first one was a fluke, the second attempt was not. (“Nothing is a fluke or a coincidence or an accident”)

– The coach is already within us. We just got to get rid of what is not necessary. A sculptor knows the idol was always there. He had to remove the unwanted stone and allow it to emerge in all its glory.
– It is also about surrendering to the process, keeping aside all our ego-based cognitive knowledge.
– It helps to be curious about the client, empathetic to the client, and the possibility of the conversation.

Aspiring coaches who come into our programs should have the coaching mindset. It can not be taught now but should be already there. That mindset manifests in different ways as they start their coach training. Their ability to quickly move into pure coaching conversations, demonstrating the pure and classical coaching competencies, will depend on their level of coaching mindset.

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