Dravid is one of my favourite sportspersons. Always admired the discipline, controlled-aggression, performance, character (on & off the field, experience briefly at the airport!). He is a Level 5 Leader, as per definition of Jim Collins.

The article on ET, Dravid Unplugged, was an interesting read. For it talks about Dravid, the coach! That is my area of interest after all!

  • Finding the work-life balance is a choice, all got to make. The problem is when we don’t pause for the right perspective & make a conscious choice. I find so many successful executives & entrepreneurs not getting this right. At the same time making a big fuss out of it also, of late. This balance, at an enchanting level, is desirable. Else is life worth it? Is success worth it?!
  • Dravid is in a unique position to work with the next line of cricketers who will most likely take the place of the current generation. The ‘fast track leaders‘, as we call them in corporate? They need to be nurtured well. Is there a better player & person who can do it better? Coaching & Mentoring is integral to leadership development, across all areas of human activity.
  • When asked, ‘how do you define coaching‘, Dravid rightly responds ‘coaching is probably a wrong word’. He is referring to good, old sports-coaching. What the players need, and also what Dravid & team management needs is perhaps Dravid in a ‘Leadership/Mentor Coaching‘ role. So he is able to further fine-tune his approach which is not to tinker with technique at this level. Every 11 player on the field should be a good leader, at its holistic level, so that collectively they operate at a high level too. At #UnconsciousCompetence!
  • As he rightly points out, ‘the coach’s job finishes once the game starts‘. That is coaching at its best. When you have empowered your coachees, players. The fact it is not difficult for him to let go speaks volumes of the person, player & coach that Dravid is. What we call a coaching mindset.

What next?! What else can someone like Dravid can do? Learning is a life-long journey. So, what else can greats like Dravid learn?! May be an international coaching certification, from ICF? That will help him to operate from a level of ‘not knowing’ or ‘curious’. That would be a next experience and more fulfilling…

Corporate executives, entrepreneurs & others who have reached the pinnacle in their career can benefit from this journey to ICF Coach Training & Certifications. This is the future of leadership development in organizations, business or otherwise. It has been transformational for many of us.

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