Met a former banker.

  • It is great to meet ‘former‘ bankers ???? I feel very connected with them.
  • Glad to note there are many more like me who left bank-jobs …. to pursue dreams!
  • Though my ‘dream’ was centered around “making a difference to the lives of people”, he chose a more realistic dream to “make a difference to cars”.
  • Now for us, passionate car-lovers, our own cars are like our own children.( attachment?!)
  • While we all prefer to head to our authorised dealers for the regular check up and servicing, he takes care of the car, externally. Not just cosmetic, but protection, from our heat, dust, rains, et al.
  • Great vision and intense passion…He has best of products at his workshop. (The prices just went up, thanks to the Union Budget!)
  • Wish we could get similar confidence at authorised car-dealers & their own workshops.
  • I will also know if my car-cleaner has been using the special–cloth I had provided him for cleaning.(low of trust !)
  • I had no qualms about leaving my ‘baby’ with his team. (The other ‘baby‘, pet-dog, was groomed yesterday at the vet! The car badly needed a cleaning, not only external, but also internal!)
  • I am no car expert, he would have easily observed. He took pains to share the nuances of car-care he provides.
    He even dropped me back, in his well-maintained, car. (#Customer Delight – when people go the extra mile)

We need such entrepreneurs in India. Who offer great quality, excellent customer service, knowledgeable and very passionate. Customer Delight Guaranteed!

PS: I would still stick to my original proposition, “to make difference to people’s lives” thru Transformational Coaching !

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