I m beginning to be more mindful of my thoughts.

Now, let me extend that mindfulness to my words and actions. To every thought, word & deed.

From that, can I move to thoughtlessness?

Master says the mind may be like

– a monkey

– a mad monkey

– a mad, drunken monkey

– a mad, drunken monkey, stung by a scorpion (try visualizing!)

We wish to attract health, wealth, and relationship… but often we think of what we lack. And, we continue to attract that energy. So, even if we want to attract abundance, our thought, word & actions are not aligned to attract the same.

And, the reason is mind, in its various avatars. It is also the choice we make?!

To manifest the future we want, live it here & now! Make that choice and let the subconscious mind pick up those images, feelings, and emotions. Then, that future will manifest faster than you imagined. Try it out, and you will be surprised.

Of course, it is applicable to wealth/abundance and everything else in life. Look at your life, from a 360degree view. From a level of victim state, you may blame everyone else. But then, they were the choices you made. Those were your thoughts, words and actions. Let go everything, right now. Be in the flow. Allow that which is the best in your life, in the highest & best way.

Bliss guaranteed… Choose Bliss.

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