AskVsTell: At work, or outside, do we ask or just tell. Moreso if the role gives us the authority, at times only implied. Like a boss/parent or spouse/partner.

Why we do that? Lack of time? What is the excuse? Do we often try to engage in interactions with others as an adult-adult (TA) conversation? Or we go about telling? Sometimes in the garb of helping, facilitating, training, etc?

Instead of telling, if we ask, with genuine curiosity, empathy and UPR (unconditional positive regard), we empower the other person. We demonstrate the acceptance of other people, as is. We may be a little less selfish?

That is applicable to anyone and everyone – a toddler to a senior citizen, at work/home/community. Try it out.

It is a great space to be… for us

Start with Regard. Then Positive. If we can, Unconditional. Unconditional Positive Regard (#UPR) is very difficult for us. Still better, ‘Unconditional Love’. is it possible for us to practice #UPR or #UL? Is there something like totally selfless?

It can indeed be a great space…



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