⁠’Are You Ready To Go Pro?’ Got this mailer today. Got me thinking. . .

How long will you remain an amateur coach? An amateur coach – an oxymoron?

If you are going to coach, it is best for the coach, and the coachee, to be a professional coach.

As corporate leaders, we can leverage our knowledge, wisdom, and experience into mentoring, managing, guiding, telling, but not ‘coaching’. A rosy by any other name…

#ProfessionalCoaching⁠. What does it take to become one?

  1. Get trained & Certified (Regal Unlimited),
  2. Credentialed (ICF),
  3. Supervised/mentored as you practice more, focus on the business all along, and
  4. Continue the deep work.

Don’t settle for anything else, esp a ‘self-styled’ coach, or a coach without any global credential (ICF).

You deserve the best, your coachee deserves better.

Pro-Coaching is not for everyone, though everyone needs a Pro-Coach.  

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