The impact of the various ‘experiences‘ of the pandemic: loss of lives, the sheer helplessness to find oxygen/hospital bed/medicines/vaccination, to losses on work-front, and the fear/uncertainty all are having a cascading effect on us at various levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. And each one of us is dealing in our ways… 

Leaders are investing their time, energy, and money in various ways to upskill. They are also looking at the impact of the pandemic, beyond the physical levels.

Mental health courses from top schools to set you on a wellness track – These are all free courses you can sign up for to understand your mind and body better: LiveMint

  1. You can attend a lot of online/video-based programs, and get certifications.
  2. You can attend live sessions with experienced mentors.

Don’t chase mere online certifications, attend programs that are live, deep, and impactful. Transformational. Gain knowledge, beyond the bookish knowledge, that you can implement in your life. 

Coaching operates at the confluence of various disciplines – psychology, philosophy, sports, management, etc. ICF brings them all in a beautiful way through their framework, based on the ICF coaching competencies.

If coaching is not part of your leadership, you are not leading! You may be just bossing (ask your team). If coaching not part of your life, you are not living!

Leader-As-Coach programs

  • For corporate leaders, business owners, and professionals,
  • To introduce coaching as a leadership, and life skill,
  • To help you maximize your potential, personal & professional
  • A new batch starting on July 25th
  • With Madhu Kanna & Subash CV. Both experienced corporate leaders, now professional coaches.
  • Live, online on zoom
  • 20hours of deep exploration, homework, assignments, & then certificates.

Go beyond mere online certifications, dive deep into a transformational journey. Shift gears, jump orbits.

Add coaching to your work, leadership (personal & professional), and life. Learn with the best. Regal Unlimited – The Coaching School for the World

To know more pls visit the link as given below. To apply, pls write to

Leaders as Coaches



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