Are all leaders coaches?
Sri Ram, on His way to the forest, was ferried across a river by a boatman.
When He offered to pay the boatman the fee, the latter politely refused saying, “We are in the same business. I ferry passengers across this river whereas You help us cross the samsara sagara
All great Masters (across yugas/era, cultures, geographies) were great leaders. Coaching was part of their leadership style.
Truly #HerosJourney
As leaders, we can play a more important role than merely chasing top-line, bottom-line or market share… (#IQ2EQ2SQ)
We have a choice to go beyond mere shareholder value to what is best for the community, society… all stakeholders (#I2We2He, ‘He’ being the Prakriti, Nature, the manifestation of the Divine)
That could be an enduring legacy as a leader
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