We had a guest participant at our virtual session yesterday. She has been coaching mostly internally, and a few externally for CEOs & CXOs, in the areas of On-Boarding, Culture, and of course, Biz leaders at Crossroads!

Everyone Needs a Coach Eric Schmidt, Bill Gates.

But many still don’t know what pure, classical coaching is! Training for coach certification leading to ICF credential equips you with coaching skills.

Often personal training is about what trainer can “give”. And trainee is happy to “take, receive”. Check out this inspiring story how a personal trainer added coaching to his work, art.

The real opportunity is

– to understand what the trainee wants (what is said & unsaid) through a coaching conversation. Use active listening, powerful question, direct communication and with deep listening, presence.

– build on the goal to understand the options

– co-create the plan, action & follow up

Coaches will understand I just tapped into ICF coaching competencies and GROW model (we have a variant REGAL coaching model. Similar to GROW, with ‘L’ for ‘Light’)

Coaching is a big opportunity for not only corporate leaders, but also entrepreneurs. Add coaching to your business. You will re-discover your biz & yourselves. Bliss guaranteed! Hence our tag line, “ROI of Enchantment”.

We offer coach training and mentoring, by two of us PCCs (ICF), classroom & virtual, leading to potential ICF credentials, ACC, PCC. http://www.regalunlimited.com/icf-approved-coach-training-certification-chennai/

Thanks to Entrepreneur.com for this post: How To Add Wellness Coaching to Your Personal Training Business entrepreneur.com/article/283578 @Entrepreneur

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