About us

Regal Unlimited is one of the foremost leadership and transformation coaching institutes that seeks to empower individuals, teams & the whole organization to bring out the best in them by unleashing their true potential.

As the name “Regal Unlimited” suggests, we uncover and unlock the boundless potential that lies deep within you; potential that is most valuable to you and can help you overcome all obstacles, internal & external, and reach the pinnacle of your success. The possible outcome may be ‘Regal’.

Our carefully crafted offerings of Executive & Leadership Coaching, Life Coaching & Healing, Coach Training (ICF accredited and in house certification) and Corporate workshops are a perfect blend that facilitates your journey of self-discovery and exploration of your efficacy to the fullest. Our USP is ROI of Enchantment. We get to the source of your behavior, beliefs & habits. Thereafter, we analyse and modify those frameworks to achieve the desired outcome.

Our differentiation lies in our extensive work experience in the corporate world and also in the coaching domain. So our understanding of your challenges and the insights that we offer, are based on our extensive experience in both the spheres. Our curriculum is designed in such a way that the coach becomes your sounding board, your advocate, a cheerleader and even an accountability partner.

For the difference that ‘Regal Unlimited’ brings to the coachees’ personal and professional life, Subash CV, the founder coach, was named as ‘highly commended’ by the awards panel at 2016 European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) Mentoring awards.