What do you look for in a life coach? Great question… My thoughts

  1. Humility
  2. Listening, at a very deep level — just attended a webinar on the ICF coaching competency, “Active Listening”, perhaps the most important competency
  3. Selfless (even while discussing fee)
  4. Trained, certified, credentialed (ICF, EMCC, for example) and experienced
  5. Does not advise, but co-create.
  6. S/he leaves you at a more resourceful space at the end of every conversation, coaching or otherwise.
  7. Exhibits emotional intelligence, beyond IQ
  8. Is ethical

Take responsibility while choosing a coach. At any point you feel the coach does not work for you, stop the engagement and look for another coach, with whom you feel connected. Trust your heart, you will never go wrong.

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