Are you a corporate leader, business owner, entrepreneur, professional….?

As an entrepreneur, what is your leadership style?

According to Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, and Annie McKee, there are six emotional leadership styles:

  1. Authoritative,
  2. Coaching,
  3. Affiliative,
  4. Democratic,
  5. Pacesetting, and
  6. Coercive.

Each style has a different effect on the emotions of the people that you’re leading, apart from your own.

One Size Fit all: Often we use a leadership that is our default style. A leader who can bring on the style that is needed in the situation is usually the most effective. But a style that is not part of my style may not be easy to deploy. For example, someone who is mild may not be able to be authoritative. Someone who is not confident may not be democratic.

Among all these 6 styles, perhaps coaching is the most difficult. Least understood, confused with training, mentoring, guiding, to tutoring (coaching classes)! #Coach2Lead.

As such it helps to #learn2coach the #iCFway.

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