Great post. The author lists out the benefits of Executive Coaching for a business leader (at all levels, not just CEOs, I may add) in simple words.

– None, just no one, can give unbiased assessment, if part of same organisation. That is how organisations are!!  Not even the popular tools such as, 360 degree feedback or any poor cousins thereof. A Coach can…

– Same with feedback. Being not part of the system, a coach can give valuable feedback, esp after interacting with other members of organisation, across different levels. A certified coach is trained to ask the ‘right questions’ to go to the core of the issue/opportunity.

External guidance for reflection and self-analysis  is the core of any coaching intervention. It is both external and also passive. Not prescriptive, advisory or consultancy/mentoring. You are already a leader. All solutions to problems & opportunities are within you. You need external guidance to just tap into THAT ! A Coach can help…

– Coaching, being an outsider’s perspective, is as such appropriately ‘detached’ too, at a very practical & philosophical level.

Of course, it is for the client/organisation to use the information and derive the benefit of Coaching, at a very holistic level.

On a lighter note, why is CEO of financial services co is being singled out ?:))

All the friends in banking/financial services in leadership roles, this may be very valuable information…

Hire a Coach..Become a coach. Sharpen Coaching skills, whatever you do at work!

4 reasons why you may need an executive coach – The Business Journals

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