Is Your Symbol of Coaching Excellence

What is ICF Certification

ICF is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and there are now 15,892 ICF credentialed coaches worldwide, each of whom have participated in at least one of these coaching sessions, thereby chiseling their coaching skills and professional fulfillment. The ICF credential stands for knowledge, accountability and a strong ethical code when it comes to professional level coaching.
The various holders of ICF credentials have completed rigorous training and practice requirements which stand as “testimony to their commitment to excellence in coaching.”
ICF certification program fulfills following important purposes:
  • Protects the rights and interests of the consumers of ICF Coaching, thereby preventing them from unnecessary exploitation.
  • Measures and certifies the coaching related potential of an individual.
  • Provides credibility to a coach and ensures that (s)he works in a certain ethical domain.
  • Inspires the various certification holders to strive for excellence and proactive development.
  • Forges an international community of coaches wherein all the members learn through their personal and vicarious experiences.
According to the ICF Global Coaching Study, clients who worked with certified ICF professionals were more satisfied than otherwise, as the certificate stands for the credibility of a coach and helps in forging better client-coach understanding!

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