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Being MessY

Being MESSY:   The Coachee said last evening, ‘my life is in a mess”.   Today’s discovery:   Some mess in life may actually be beneficial Good news for ‘messy’ people! How disorder can help….?!   – Successful people carry a guilt – this may help us unburden from the guilt. (It did for me…) […]

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Being Resourceful

Coaching is also moving from the current state to a more resourceful state. A simple, but powerful definition. (Let’s uncomplicate) Dictionary meaning of being ‘resourceful’ is, able to deal skillfully and promptly with new situations, difficulties,etc. I may opt to be resourceful when I am coached, for that is the natural outcome of the intervention when I […]

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What is you #WhiteCoat?

What is your #WhiteCoat? Google Doodle celebrates René Laennec’s 235th birthday- The man who invented the stethoscope. Was he inspired by the flute, an instrument he used to play? ‘White Coat Hypertension’ Heard about this yesterday. A syndrome whereby a patient’s feeling of anxiety in a medical environment results in an abnormally high reading when […]

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4 Habits of Millionaires

Came across this interesting post, “4 Habits of Millionaires That Work for Everyone“. My thoughts: Aim to be a ‘millionaire’. Still better is to work for Abundance. This is how we (at Regal Unlimited) would handle this element with our coaching/healing clients, to those who are receptive & ready! For we don’t drive the agenda:) […]

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Blissful – 4 Simple Steps

This post is for all my friends, who have appreciated my obsession with signing off, ‘blissfully’! It started off as a destination (to be in ‘bliss’). Somewhere, it became the proverbial journey. Sharing this wonderful lesson I learnt from my Master, on ‘HOW’ to do it: Step 1: The one who is filled with love […]

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