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Why teaching makes you more valuable

‘If you really want to know something, teach it’ – S Covery. Just experiencing same! Author lists out some teaching options available out there. Grab it & try out. It not only helps us to go deeper in the subjects, but also a powerful experience to be a facilitator (not trainer/teacher). Especially at senior level. Indeed, […]

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Coaching Skills Every Leader Needs To Master – Forbes

Great post by William Arruda. “Powerful Questioning” is one of key ICF Coaching competencies. Here the ‘power’ is not crude power. And, not with the coach, but entirely with the client. That combined with “Active Listening”, takes communication to a higher plane. Very different from what we learn communication is in our business school, executive/leadership […]

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LEARN TO LEAD… COACH TO LEAD…LEARN TO COACH – Be a leader in all your roles, at work, home & community. A Coach-Leader (not a mere manager). ‘A paradoxical blend of personal humility & professional will’ (courtesy Jim Collins), with proven track record. – Shift all crucial conversations to coaching-conversation. – Be part of our […]

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Be an ICF Certified Coach (Post#2) : Dravid Unplugged ET

Dravid is one of my favourite sportspersons. Always admired the discipline, controlled-aggression, performance, character (on & off the field, experience briefly at the airport!). He is a Level 5 Leader, as per definition of Jim Collins. The article on ET, Dravid Unplugged, was an interesting read. For it talks about Dravid, the coach! That is […]

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