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How, Why of Investing for Rockstar Investor

Why do we invest? I have been a simple, retail investor, investing as part of my overall financial planning. You could be a rockstar investor and still invest for a different purpose! How do we invest? Is it based on all data, research, and other options from the level of IQ/head/mind? What is your experience? […]

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Watson’s natural mentoring traits emerging

“Now there’s executive coaching that provides a bit of a framework around the things you’re naturally involved in within a team environment, so I’m starting to look into doing that as well, trying to provide an all-round package for my coaching in the future.” (Courtesy  http://www.cricket.com.au/:http://www.cricket.com.au/news/shane-watson-coaching-future-natural-mentor-allrounder-australia-south-africa-t20-series/2016-03-09 ) #CoachingMindset is essential to become a Coach – almost […]

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Outlook: Read This Article, Change Your Life

I enjoyed reading the article, for the language and sense of humour! Nothing else. Author is entitled to her opinion regarding quotes & coaches. I occasionally forward gyaan (quotes)! Commit a more serious ‘crime’ of creating quotes (to promote our business/brand!). I am also a coach. Author is totally off the mark regarding coaching. As […]

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The Guardian: $229 an hour to find your best self: welcome to the world of life coaches

I am also a Life Coach, along with a Leadership/Executive/Busines coach. At the core, all are one… just the profile of customer changes (deliberately avoiding ‘market segment’ here!) and coaches are comfortable calling themselves in different ways! All are expected to be ‘transformational‘, to say the least. ‘Unlike therapists, life coaches don’t diagnose or treat […]

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