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6 Steps To Become A Midlife Entrepreneur : Forbes

Midllife Entrepreneur is a must do, exciting proposition… 1. The only requirement is filling an urgent need for your customers – preferably aligned with your passion, interests, and love. More about latter & a need, as that is where you will be more powerful as an entrepreneur? It is never about money, fame, or top […]

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Why Impact Investing needs to go mainstream

Why #ImpactInvesting needs to go mainstream Ms. Shahnaz is a Bangladeshi woman, studied in the US, worked with Wall Street and then with Grameen Bank and was picked up by Rockefeller Foundation, who supported her to start #iixglobal, impact investment exchange. She shares her inspiring journey and also some of our bias. Also how women empowerment & health […]

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Being Entrepreneur, Intra-preneur : The Ambani Way

1. Manager Vs Entrepreneur: ‘if you are in a job, you are a manager. If you are an entrepreneur, you will figure it out’ 2. Find a Problem: ‘as an entrepreneur, you should find a problem you are passionate about. It’s not solving a problem. It’s finding a problem’. 3. Purpose Vs Financial returns: “You […]

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Cusotmer Communication – one to one to anyone

Customer service is key to customer relationship management. Not mere ‘#CRM‘, much beyond that…Communication is at its core. Acknowledging, responding, and of course, resolution, all quickly. I am associated with a service provider, a global brand brand, with global footprint. I got a mail from them this morning saying, ‘they have streamlined their e-mail IDs […]

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Before Hiring a Business Coach (Don’t) Make Certain Their Skills Match Your Goals?!

If business owners/entrepreneurs are hiring coaches ‘for receiving key advice & shortcuts to success’, then take a deep breath and ask yourself… ‘Am I looking for a consultant/mentor/subject-matter expert or a Coach’? If you are looking for specific help in business, don’t waste your time with a Coach. A coach does not need to be […]

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