How intimate are you with your clients? ICF Blog

Came across this post just after we had a virtual session, as part of ICF Approved ACTP Coach Training,  where we discussed ‘Discovery/Chemistry Session’ with a new client and also a few ICF Coaching competencies. ‘Nothing is a coincidence’! ‘Coaching is an intimate process…’ Can’t agree more. ‘Your personal story is the connective tissue that […]

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ACC2PCC Bridge ACTP Coach Training program

Inviting all ACC (ICF) coaches to join us for your PCC journey… thru Coacharya Advanced Program, an ICF accredited ACTP Program to PCC. The current batch at Chennai completed first two months (six modules) in Nov & Dec, 2016. Sessions in Jan & Feb will be relevant to those who aspire to move from ACC to […]

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