Supriya Padmanabhan


I am: Supriya Padmanabhan

Current Location: Chennai

Credentials: PCC

Professional Summary:

Armed with an education that attempted to help understand human behaviour, I boldly stepped into the insanely creative world of Advertising. This was the beginning of a lifetime of learning, spent fine tuning the art of strategically influencing the mind & consumer behaviour, and managing perceptions and communication. While making business sense.

From Mumbai to Miami, California to Chennai. A journey that went from Mass Advertising to Corporate Marketing. From understanding the Internet to heading the Chennai branch of
RMG Connect – the Direct Marketing Division of JWT, a Global pioneer in Advertising.

After 15 years of corporate life, targets, KRAs & QRFs, I decided to go back to the Development of the Mind, helping people be the best expression of themselves.
First as a parent, then as a parent facilitator, then as an Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist, and now as a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) with ICF.

A journey that has taken me through the real life trials of running a business, being a team leader, the experience of effective positioning & communication, and the understanding of the subconscious mind and the limitations we set upon ourselves.
A journey that has culminated in the creation of My Persona, A program that is designed to create connections with authentic leadership & impactful interactions. . Designing & facilitating the My Persona Program, giving it the form it has today, has used a wealth of knowledge from a successful career.

Redefining Communication with Connection
I work with individuals & groups, enabling the recognition of stress patterns & debilitating belief systems.

Improve expression between leaders & teams, improve communication between parents and children

Use personal insight to dramatically change attitudes: at work & home, as leaders, parents or with team/peer interactions

Top Skills: Management, Executive Coaching, Leadership, Marketing

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About Being Part of Regal Unlimited Coach Training:

Great experience. Love the freedom given to grow. And the support