Sunil Kshatri


I am: Sunil Kshatri

Current Location: Bengaluru


Professional Summary:

Do you have a longing objective in life to get fulfilled ?
Do you want to take your performance to the next level ?
Do you have the burning desire to do more ?
Are you on cross-roads in your career and do not know what to do next ?

If any one or more of the above is true for you… Work with a coach!

In my over 25 years of professional career, I have played the role of a designer, team leader, manager and a leader. I have designed products, led teams and have solved business and people problems. I have trained and mentored people and have provided consultancy to clients.

Life has been a roller coaster ride for me. There have been successes and there have been failures. There have been challenges and there have been smooth sailing. There have been easy learnings and there have been some life changing events. I have always taken things in my stride, taken full responsibility always and have moved on.

I love challenges and have a strong willpower to overcome them. I am a positive person with a ‘Can Do’ attitude.
I have always enjoyed doing what I have done earlier. Now I am doing what I enjoy.

I now Coach People and am loving it. There are elements in Coaching which has connected me to my inner self.

I believe Everyone has more potential to deliver performance than what one has delivered so far.

Everyone can always do more.

Everyone is resourceful enough to solve take on the life challenges and solve their problems.

And everyone should get connected to the purpose of one’s life and live a life which is fulfilling.

Life happens when you INVOLVE with it.
As this is what I do – INVOLVE – to coach people.

We must take our own responsibility, and help others to do the same; we don’t have all the answers, but we can help others to find theirs… John Whitemore

Top Skills: Telecommunications, GSM, Wireless, HR Project Management, Vendor Management

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