Preeth Pandalay


I am: Preeth Pandalay

Current Location: Bengaluru


Professional Summary:

A systems thinker, results-driven agile professional with a commitment to continuous improvement.

A problem solver with experience and expertise in software engineering, program management and of succeeding at organizational agility. I have been an integral part of development teams and also a scrum coach/master in large and distributed organizations, as well as co-located smaller startups. I am also formally trained and certified in various agile principles.

Backed with 17 years learning of software engineering practices that enable predictable delivery and consistent quality, I now aid companies with their quality and agile transformation.

With the understanding that the success of any transformation is deeply rooted in collaboration and a discovery mindset, I believe all transformational investments should be with a focus on ways to enable and empower people.

Having had the unique experience of working at various rungs in multiple organizations, I now relate and connect to, and can work well with the two distinct and equally important teams contributing to an organization’s success –

  • The business focused leadership and product team who understand the economics of product development, and
  • The contributors from the trenches – the development team who understands the science of product development

My commitment – to help realize better ways of execution for teams and organizations, and deliver value faster in a predictable way.

Top Skills: Quality Assurance, Testing, Agile Methodologies, Test Planning, Strategic Partnerships

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