P Venkatesh


I am: P Venkatesh

Current Location: Australia

Credentials: ACC

Professional Summary:

P Venkatesh is an M-Coach or Millennials Coach, enabling firms to unleash the positivity and potential of their young workforce.

With an MBA Specialization in Organizational Leadership, Venkatesh brings an evidence-based approach to coaching and mentoring.

Having lived in India, Australia and Singapore, Venkatesh brings a global mindset and an Indian heartset to his clients’ needs.

Using powerful and proven tools for self awareness, Venkatesh helps clients discover winning breakthroughs from the inside out.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions – leaders and firms call Venkatesh when they want to make critical career and workplace decisions.

Venkatesh has tri-sector expertise in technology, media and business, and triple certification in coaching, digital marketing and project management.

Want to have a chat? Reach out at hello@pvenkatesh.com.

Top Skills: Design Thinking, High Stake Negotiations, Body Language for Entrepreneurs, Multi-Stakeholder Communications, Leadership Coaching, Career Mentoring

Website: www.pvenkatesh.com

LI Profile: http://bit.ly/M-Coach

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