No morning walkers today, being a holiday or holy day ?

No morning walkers today, being a holiday or holy day ?

Very early in my career, a good friend helped me to re-define my life goals. He would often say, the real proof of financial freedom is when we have the luxury to go to a beach/mall/temple/gym on a week day, at a time of our preference and at a pace that enables us to enjoy…!
I don’t forget to say a silent gratitude to the couple and of course my #HiC (higher consciousness, Master, God) when I am able to do some of these things… for I am living my dream!

Today is Krishna Janmashtami. School holiday, and perhaps for some offices/establishments. That may be the reason I did not find most of the morning walkers today ! Either they were getting the extra sleep or making it holier by praying?! I walked ‘an extra mile’, in solitude, mentally remembering my #HiC on this holy-day!

Yesterday, some TV channels were promoting programs lined up for the ‘auspicious day’, all negative, silly, useless for mind, body & soul !

Simple physical exercise also helps us mentally ( you know well, why) & spiritually ( by activating the chakras).

Let me make today holier by ‘nama smaran’ ( chanting divine name), and moving around (to burn fat) and some seva (service), for ‘Manava Seva is truly Madhava Seva

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  1. August 28, 2013 Reply

    Well written. Generally we feel all our routines need a break on holidays.

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