My Inner Journey, yet again..

My Inner Journey, yet again..

Random thoughts from Bapu’s Sabarmati…

Life is a journey… That keeps me focussed on the journey, instead of the destination!

Is it also an excuse to ignore the goal?My Word: Can my word always be 100% dependable? Can my word to myself be at same level?

My Word:

  • Can my word always be 100% dependable?
  • Can my word to myself be at same level?
  • How many will follow me, will depend on my word!
  • If you keep your word long enough in the Universe, the Universe will accept your word as law! A brilliant example, Gandhiji

What if I had 60 days to live?

  • How will I live? How will I spend those 60 days? Legacy!
  • We then live as if we live for eternity !!

Listen from a state of Being…that is true listening! Like Namaste! Speaking into the listening…

We have forgotten the power of letter-writing. When writing, am I writing from my head or heart?! The act of writing, is good enough. Even if it does not reach the person it is meant to.. that is power of writing! Are we all not connected?

At times, we are very ungrateful ‘@#$%&*’, are we?! Gratitude has great healing power… ‘The air you breathe belongs to me’!!

Interaction: To make all interactions win-win, at a holistic level….

  • Establish relatedness
  • make an unreasonable request
  • equal opportunity to say yes or no
  • no emotional blackmail

‘You can be either right or related… Choose’!

Are you always in a state of well-being & joy? If not, what stops you? Ego, fear? Make the right choice…

Why do we always ‘fall in love’? Why not ‘rise in love’?

Achievement Vs Accomplishment – We tend to record achievements, not accomplishments! Not trained to do it.


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