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Some interesting executive coaching facts, you might like:

  • 63% of organizations use external executive coaches
  • 58% of executives described their executive coaching results as excellent
  • Companies investing in executive coaching see a 7x return
  • Nearly all CEOs want outside leadership advice or executive leadership coaching
  • Top executive coach qualification is ICF certification

(Source: 2013 Executive Coach Survey Stanford Graduate School of Business, Executive Coaching Survey 2014, Sherpa coaching)

Leadership Coaching aka Executive Coaching is the fastest, the most powerful and the most effective way to develop and mentor business leaders and thus positively impact business results. It will help you build an enhanced culture in the complete organization.
Executive coaching provides guidance, mentorship and strategic direction on an ongoing basis to enhance your performance in the personal as well as corporate sphere.

An Executive Coach helps senior business leaders make better decisions, drive strategy and maximize critical thinking, develop a proactive attitude towards their work. (executive coaching under heading leadership coaching)

The individual leadership coaching sessions serve a thought provoking process and inspires the clients to maximize their personal and professional potential. The individual executive coaching session brings a visible positive shift in employee engagement, interpersonal relations, improved productivity, and development of active listening skills along with the effective setting of priorities.

The executive coaching sessions will not only help business leaders develop improved leadership and business skills but will also enable the clients to develop managing skills which will come in handy while working with a young or a cross functional team.

There is huge potential which business leaders need to discover within them and implement, which can be achieved only through leadership coaching with the help of a business/mentor coach. Regal Unlimited promises to effectively and productively deliver the best in this field.

To experience and receive a sample leadership coaching session from our ICF certified executive coach, register here. This is on first come first serve basis, free of cost, for a duration of 30 minutes (per session).

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Regal Unlimited provides leadership coaching at various locations across India like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai , Delhi, Hyderabad, Cochin.

Regal Unlimited aims at empowering you in a manner which allows you to realize your hidden potential and to appropriate it to your benefit by enabling you to analyze and internalize the various lessons you learn in life which will further help you in making intelligible and circumspect decisions that serve to bring out the best in a situation and in you.

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Regal Unlimited also provide leadership coaching sessions at various locations in Middle East like Dubai and Jeddah.

Transformational executive coaching sessions will ensure that you emerge as a changed person who does not shy away from the various challenges in life but strives to conquer them instead, one who revels in his personal and professional space and constantly works hard to perform better!

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To experience and receive a sample executive coaching session, register here. This is on first come first serve basis, no-charge, and only 30 minutes session.

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls” – Joseph Campbell