Journaling, a spiritual practice!

Journaling, a spiritual practice!

Journaling, a spiritual practice!

Journaling, in different avatars, is gaining popularity. Quite comparable to adult coloring?!

I have been tracking the updates, on line especially. A lot of fascinating insights. I have gone to the extend of recommending Regal-Journaling (a rare prescription) to my Executive/Leadership Coaching clients.

Leaders, in corporates or outside, aspiring or practising, all will benefit from Regal-Journaling, a fine-tuned version of journaling, which incorporates coaching/mentoring to counseling/healing and other related areas such as Law of Attraction/Visualization, (just prescribed?!)

I heard a spiritual podcast last Sunday, and surprisingly the the speaker was sharing his thoughts on Journaling! (‘nothing is a coincidence’).

He said,

  • write journals to be detached, in a loving way: so profound. Detached and also in a loving way.
  • write as an impartial observer: mindfulness is at the core of this, must try
  • writing in 3rd person more liberating: is there anything more to add? 3rd person & liberating.
  • writing can be healing: that is the raison d’etre for prescribing.
  • research shows 30 minutes’ journaling can improve body’s immune system: do we need any more justification to stop procrastinating, and start this daily practice? (and that includes me!)

“Have the boat in water, not water in the boat”????
Journaling, as such is also about moving from #IQ2EQ2SQ (spiritual quotient)

The concluding line was most beautiful: ‘I honour the miracle that you are’!

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