What is ICF Certification?

The International Coaching Federation (ICF)    has been leading the evolution of professional coaching for over two decades now and provides following three ICF certifications  –
  • ACC
  • PCC
  • MCC
The ICF credential stands for knowledge, accountability and a strong ethical code when it comes to professional level coaching.


There are now 21,000+ ICF credentialed coaches worldwide, each of whom has undergone one of these coaching training sessions, thereby chiseling their coaching skills and professional fulfillment.
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Source: ICF Headquarters

Why ICF Certification

Reasons why you should opt for a certified course from the leading International Coaching Federation:
  • Transforms you as an individual. The course not only provides you with an ICF Credential but also instills in you a proactive and optimistic outlook which helps you make the best of every situation!
  • Enables you to develop the right attitude and skills that would help you place yourself in the market.
  • Enhances your credibility factor which in turn ensures greater client turnover.
  • Places you in an ever expanding network of coaching professionals wherein you learn from your experience and that of others.
  • Translates into enhanced productivity as the client feels psychologically secure around you.
  • Ensures increased Return on Investment with researches showing that globally people prefer an ICF certified coach over a non certified coach.

ICF Approved Coach Certification Training At Chennai & Hyderabad

Regal Unlimited, in partnership with Coacharya, conducts credential-training ACTP programs accredited by International Coach Federation (ICF) to support the global executive coaching practice by developing executive coaches. Our relationship with the participant goes beyond its programs.

Awards / Associations

Coacharya Advanced™ - ICF ACTP Portfolio Program

Our ICF Accredited ACTP Program leads to ICF Professional Certified Coach credential with 125-hours of classroom training with PCC coaches and mentoring with an MCC coach.


Advanced™ ACTP Program employs its proprietary 3A Model™ and 3C Process™ based on ICF and BCC competencies, GROW model, 70:20:10 leadership development paradigm and the Mindless™ approach blending psychology, spirituality and management concepts, to deliver learning through 12 structured modules of 10-hours each over 4 three-day sessions



SESSION1 : 8th, 9th July 2017 for ACC & PCC

SESSION2 : 12th, 13th August 2017 for ACC & PCC

SESSION3 : 14th, 15th October 2017 for PCC only

SESSION4 : 11th, 12th November 2017 for PCC only


SESSION1 : 3rd, 4th June 2017 for ACC & PCC

SESSION2 : 1st, 2nd July 2017 for ACC & PCC

SESSION3 : 2nd, 3rd September 2017 for PCC only

SESSION4 : 1st, 2nd October 2017 for PCC only

Trained & Certified

Leadership & Executive Coaching


Plus Coaches

Plus Hours

Plus Cities

ICF ACTP Professional Coach Certification (PCC) Highlights

Total Commitment: 125-hours over a minimum of  6-months
Face-to-face at location: 12-days plus 10-hours mentoring
Mentored Coaching: 10-hours over 3-months by MCC Coach
Self-study, assignments and in-group peer coaching: Self-study of 20-hours + 3 assignments + 500-hours peer coaching for PCC


Coacharya certifies total training hours including face-to-face, virtual, mentoring, assignments. To complete the ICF credential process, participants must submit the following to ICF online:
  • Coacharya ACTP certificate
  • Coaching experience hours log and verification
  • Online ICF CKA Test
  • ICF fees (not included in Coacharya’s course fees)
    For current details of credential requirements and fees, please visit:

Target Audience

  • Practicing and aspiring coaches
  • Human Resources (HR) and line managers
  • Self-employed professionals including trainers, counselors, and consultants
  • Entrepreneurs seeking to complement their leadership journey, and all aspiring leaders


Do register by filling the form below or sending a mail to
All payments are non-refundable and must be processed at least one week prior to the program start date.


Venue:  Chennai

Session 1: 3rd, 4th June 2017  for ACC & PCC 
Session 2: 1st, 2nd July 2017  for ACC & PCC 
Session 3:  2nd,3rd September 2017  for PCC only 
Session 4: 1st, 2nd October 2017  for PCC only


Venue: Hyderabad

Session 1: 4th, 5th March 2017  for ACC & PCC 
Session 2: 1st, 2nd April 2017  for ACC & PCC 
Session 3: 6th, 7th May 2017  for PCC only 
Session 4: 3rd, 4th June 2017  for PCC only