Work-Life Balance

Happy Thanksgiving

Master’s Words: Sharing this beautiful thought, which kind of hit me with blissful awareness… ——— “Often we aware that there is something behind and beyond all the fleeting fantasy; something that persists through all the successes and defeats, the tears and smiles, the mirth and moan – but we are unable to grasp it and […]

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The Two Biggest Distractions – And What to Do About Them | Daniel Goleman

Author’s thoughts summarised: Distractions are the enemy of FOCUS SENSORY & EMOTIONAL are the two varieties of distractions Chose between Hopeless Rumination & Useful Reflection Author suggests Meditation & avoid causes… How I handle: Cut off ‘weapons of mass distraction’ (phone, e-mail, social media), Cut of noise (physical & mental), Get some physical exercise (step […]

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Zen and the Art of Staff Morale Maintenance & Coaching Perspective

An article in Economic Times, ‘Auto cos go the extra mile to keep employee spirits up – zen & the art of staff morale maintenance‘ reported how auto companies are trying keep the morale of workers. This is surely challenging when temp staff have already been shown the door. Auto Manufacturing involves of 200,000 workers […]

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